About Us

ISEE is an international organization with members from more than 60 countries and regional chapters and local groups in Latin America, the Mediterranean, Europe, and East Asia.

Topics addressed by ISEE members include environmental exposures (e.g. air pollution, hazardous waste, metals, pesticides, radiation), health effects (e.g. cancer, cardiovascular disease, neurologic effects, reproductive effects), methodology (e.g. biomarkers, ecologic investigations, experimental design, exposure/dose assessment, meta-analysis, risk assessment, statistics), environment-gene interactions, and ethics and law.

ISEE encourages membership not only from epidemiology but also from such disciplines as exposure assessment and science, toxicology, biochemistry, and biostatistics, among others.

Benefits of Membership

If you join ISEE, you will meet others who share an interest in health and the environment and receive:

  • Subscription to our official journal, Epidemiology, including online access to full text
  • Early notice of annual meetings
  • Reduced rate registration at annual meetings
  • Fifty percent (50%) discount on job announcement postings

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