Policy Committee

The Policy Committee was established in January 2012 in response to support from the ISEE membership for the Society to provide policy makers and the public with expert opinion on scientific questions related to environmental health policy and the professional practice of environmental epidemiology. The Policy Committee will facilitate this role by evaluating policy proposals and providing advice to the ISEE Executive Council on policy issues. The scope of policy issues to be addressed will be evaluated over time by the ISEE Executive Council with input by the Policy Committee and ISEE members.

The Policy Committee will draft policy statements and make recommendations regarding policy to the Executive Council. ISEE chapters, other committees, and individual ISEE members can bring proposals for policy statements to the Policy Committee for discussion.

The Policy Committee can also initiate consideration of policies to be addressed. The highest priority will be addressing policy issues of international relevance; however, issues of concern to single regions or nations may be addressed as long as the Society maintains reasonable geographical balance in addressing policy issues. Only the elected ISEE Executive Council will make formal policy statements on behalf of the Society.Members of the Policy Committee are appointed by the Executive Council to staggered three year terms. The Executive Council will appoint three new members annually. ISEE members who are interested in serving on the Policy Committee can contact the Policy Committee chair or the ISEE Secretariat.

ISEE Statement on Institutional Conflict of Interest

Financial Conflict-of-Interest Disclosure form when submitting abstracts or proposing symposia to the annual ISEE conferences

Guidelines on Dealing with Conflict of Interest among ISEE Members

ISEE Guidelines on Financial Support

ISEE Policy Committee Members

Michal Krzyzanowski, Co-Chair; Poland, mkrzyzan12@gmail.com
Yasushi Honda, Co-Chair; Japan, honda.yasushi.fn@u.tsukuba.ac.jp
Jonathan Chevrier, Canada, ex-officio
Aaron Cohen, USA
Tony Fletcher, UK
Nelson Gouveia, Brazil
Xinbiao Guo, China
Manolis Kogevinas, Spain, ex-officio
Francine Laden, USA
Erik Lebret, The Netherlands
Sylvia Medina, France
Adetoun Mustapha, Nigeria
Raymond Neutra, USA
Annette Peters, Germany
Carlos Santos-Burgoa, Mexico
Joel Schwartz, USA

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