EPIDEMIOLOGY is a peer-reviewed scientific journal that publishes original research on the full spectrum of epidemiologic topics. Journal content ranges from cancer, heart disease and other chronic illnesses to reproductive, environmental, psychosocial, infectious-disease and genetic epidemiology. The journal places special emphasis on theory and methodology, and welcomes commentaries that explore fundamental assumptions or offer provocative dissent. The journal is published six times per year in January, March, May, July, September, and November.

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ISEE Editorial Pages: Reflections on Environmental Epidemiology

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Editorial Staff


Timothy L. Lash 



Miguel A. Hernán

Jay S. Kaufman

Stephanie J. London

Andrew F. Olshan


Special Editors

M. Daniele Fallin, Genetics

William C. Miller, Infectious Diseases

Paul Gustafson, Statistics


Deputy Editor

Emily J. DeVoto


Editorial Office


2897 N. Druid Hills Rd NE, #279

Atlanta, Georgia 30329-3924



ISEE Editorial Pages: "Reflections on Environmental Epidemiology"

ISEE has space in EPIDEMIOLOGY for editorial content.  The ISEE Council has dedicated two pages per issue as a forum for “Reflections on Environmental Epidemiology.”  These numberd and indexed pages provide the opportunity for members to comment on issues of interest in the field of environmental epidemiology.  We encourage thoughtful, candid, provocative papers to stimulate thinking and examination of the work we do including its context and implications. Examples of possible topics:

-- Observations about the history and evolution of the field

-- Personal reflections on the experience of working in different settings, engaging in research in unusual or controversial areas

-- Opinions about issues of advocacy, research, policy, etc. as they apply to environmental epidemiology

-- Logistical or ethical challenges in environmental epidemiology

These less formal essays can be more subjective than papers submitted for peer review. Acceptance would require only a screening by an ISEE committee chaired by David Savitz that includes Brenda Eskenazi, Maria Feychting, and Manolis Kogevinus.  Please submit ideas for consideration to David Savitz, EPIDEMIOLOGY Editor Emeritus (david_savitz@brown.edu). 

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