ISEE, through its Capacity Building Committee, aids researchers in the developing world who could benefit from assistance in producing final manuscripts that can be published in appropriate scientific and policy journals. ISEE AuthorAID will match each promising manuscript project's author or authors from the developing world with a more experienced and frequently published researcher who is familiar with the topic of the prospective manuscript. The developing world author(s) and the mentor will collaborate to help the author(s) present the research question, a systematic review of previous work, the research and the results.  Selecting a target journal and resolving questions of authorship will also benefit from the mentorship.

The collaboration is initiated through the ISEE website and then continues via email. To participate as an author or a mentor, please complete the AuthorAID application form. By completing and submitting this form, author(s) and mentors agree to certain conditions as described below and on the AuthorAID application.

Prospective Authors:
Any ISEE member from a developing country, as defined by World Bank criteria (more information), who is a lead author on a proposed scientific article appropriate for submission to scientific and policy journals may complete and submit an AuthorAID application. Submitted forms will be transmitted to the ISEE Capacity Building Committee and the applicant will be matched with a mentor. Interaction between authors and mentors will occur by email and communications will be shared with ISEE to create a record of transactions for program evaluation.

In requesting AuthorAID, the developing world author agrees to:

  • acknowledge fully the mentor's role in any published manuscript
  • copy ISEE on all communications with mentors

Any ISEE member with experience in writing up research for publication in scientific and policy journals may volunteer as a mentor by submitting the AuthorAID application. In volunteering as a mentor, the ISEE member agrees to the following principles:

  • Mentors will not seek or accept authorship
  • Mentors will respect the creativity and ownership of the author(s)' ideas
  • Mentors will copy ISEE on all communications with author(s)

AuthorAID application form

The ISEE Capacity Building Committee

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