Ethics and Philosophy Committee

This Committee:

  • Comes to the aid of colleagues who have been attacked for demonstrating epidemiological associations which proved problematic to powerful stakeholders;
  • Develops and promotes ethical guidelines for environmental epidemiology;
  • Provides council to ISEE leadership on a variety of issues; and
  • Promotes ethical discussions and sessions at the annual meeting 


Raymond Neutra
Martin Tondel

Policy Documents and Information:

Epi Monitor interviews primary authors of ISEE's revised Ethics Guidelines
Environmental Health Perspectives editorial on ISEE's revised Ethics Guidelines (pdf)
ISEE 2009 Dublin: Highlights from the Ethics and Philosophy Committee (pdf)
ISEE Statement on Institutional Conflict of Interest (pdf)
Financial Conflict-of-Interest Disclosure form when submitting abstracts or proposing symposia to the annual ISEE conferences (pdf)
Guidelines on Dealing with Conflict of Interest among ISEE Members (pdf)