Students and New Researchers Network (SNRN)

The SNRN aims to create a global network of students and new researchers that:

  • Promotes career development,
  • Encourages researchers at the early stages of their careers by sharing ideas, issues, and opportunities in the field of environmental epidemiology,
  • Organizes an abstract mentoring program for students and new researchers who want to attend the annual conferences;
  • Sponsors and organizes career workshops (early morning sessions at annual conferences and webinars);
  • Distributes information to the SNRN through social media (e-Newsletter, website, Twitter and LinkedIN);
  • Organizes events at the annual meeting that brings students and new researchers together and helps them network with more senior members; and
  • Sponsors awards for best abstract and poster at annual conferences to honor good research of students and new researchers.
The SNRN is open to all students, post-doctoral trainees, and new researchers (who have fewer than 5 years of experience from their terminal degree) in the field of environmental epidemiology or other related disciplines. SNRN members come from all over the world.

View the SNRN Policy Guidelines (pdf download)

The SNRN activities are organized by a Steering Committee. You can directly contact the SNRN chair:

Information on the SNRN Steering Committee can be found here - Leadership
Information on current members of the SNRN Steering Committee can be found here - SNRN Steering Committee