Ethics and Philosophy Committee

This Committee:

  • Comes to the aid of colleagues who have been attacked for demonstrating epidemiological associations which proved problematic to powerful stakeholders;
  • Develops and promotes ethical guidelines for environmental epidemiology;
  • Provides council to ISEE leadership on a variety of issues; and
  • Promotes ethical discussions and sessions at the annual meeting 


Raymond Neutra,

Policy Documents and Information:

Epi Monitor interviews primary authors of ISEE's revised Ethics Guidelines
Environmental Health Perspectives editorial on ISEE's revised Ethics Guidelines (pdf download)
ISEE 2009 Dublin: Highlights from the Ethics and Philosophy Committee (pdf download)
ISEE Statement on Institutional Conflict of Interest (pdf download)
Financial Conflict-of-Interest Disclosure form when submitting abstracts or proposing symposia to the annual ISEE conferences (pdf download)
Guidelines on Dealing with Conflict of Interest among ISEE Members (pdf download)
Guidelines for the Ethical Re-analysis and Re-interpretation of Another's Research (pdf download)
ISEE Procedure for Dealing with Beleaguered Colleagues and/or Potential Whistleblowers (pdf download)
Ethics Guidelines for Environmental Epidemiologists (pdf download)      French version (pdf download)
Basic Ethics Principles (pdf download)     
Definitions: Research Suppression & Research Repression (pdf download)
Ethics Guidelines in Environmental Epidemiology: Their Development and Challenges We Face
ISEE Guidelines on Financial Support Approved by EC July 5, 2018 (pdf download)