ISEE Latin American and the Caribbean Chapter

The Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) Chapter was established in 1991 by a group of LAC researchers and ISEE members. Its mission is to promote and strengthen scientific research in environmental epidemiology in LAC countries. Its aims are to:

  • Consolidate a collaborative network of LAC members of ISEE
  • Identify common environmental health problems in the region
  • Promote research, academic exchange, and training in environmental epidemiology in the region
  • Interact with local, federal, regional, and international organizations and agencies in order to translate research findings into timely and effective policy.

The LAC Chapter includes all 43 countries, territories, and protectorates currently corresponding to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) LAC region.

Members of the ISEE LAC Chapter will be classified in the following categories:
1. Regular member: all ISEE members born or residing in LAC, as defined above, are automatically members of the Chapter, unless they opt out.
2. Associate member: all ISEE members who were not born or who do not reside in LAC but conduct environmental epidemiology research in LAC are eligible to join the Chapter subject to completing a membership application process and its approval by the Chapter Executive Council.

For further information about the LAC Chapter, please contact:
Ana María Mora, MD, PhD
Chair, ISEE Latin America and the Caribbean Chapter 
Central American institute for Studies on Toxic Substances (IRET)
Universidad Nacional
Heredia, Costa Rica
Phone: +506 8824-4668, +506 2263-6375 ext. 114
Fax: +506 2263-6375

Executive Council of the LAC Chapter
The following people serve on the Executive Council of the ISEE LAC Chapter:
Ana María Mora, Costa Rica
Telma Nery, Brazil
Marcela Tamayo y Ortiz, Mexico
Sandra Cortés, Chile
Rodrigo Sarmiento, Colombia
Berna van Wendel, Costa Rica 

Latin American and the Caribbean Chapter Bylaws (pdf download)

Online Course in Environmental Epidemiology Information (pdf download)