Capacity Building and Education Committee


Together with SNRN and Chapters, this committee:

  • Conducts workshops providing information, skills, and tactics that will help researchers to develop, conduct, write and publish their research;
  • Organizes in-person courses on advanced topics and methods during ISEE events, and through regional chapters and other organizations;
  • Reviews and posts links to lectures and teaching videos on advanced topics and methods in the field of epidemiology on ISEE’s website;  
  • Supports inventories of the educational opportunities in the field of environmental epidemiology; and 
  • Promotes networking of junior, mid-career, senior researchers, to facilitate North-South, South-South, North-North collaborations.
Cathryn Tonne (North America)

Christina Hemphill Fuller (North America)
Kristie Ebi (North America)
Joel Schwartz (Europe)
Ulrike Gehring (Europe)
Danielle Vienneau (Secretary, Europe)
Ying Zhang (Asia and Western Pacific)
Peng Bi (Asia and Western Pacific)
Agatha Henry-Ajala (Africa)
Bolanle Wahab (Africa)
Manolis Kogevinas (Europe)
Barrett Welch (Europe)
Beth Radke-Farabaugh (Europe)
Kelvin Fong (Europe)
Musa Kana (Europe)
Beate Ritz (Europe)
Sandra Isabel Cortes Arancibia (Latin America & the Caribbean)
Xiaoqi Feng (Asia and Western Pacific)

Associate Members:
Leslie Danquah (Africa)
Neil Pearce (Europe)
Pallavi Pant (North America)
Wondwossen Birke (Africa)