Communications Committee

This committee:

  • Oversees the dissemination of information regarding the Society‘s activities to our members via web, email, and social media platforms
  • Publishes newsletters highlighting the activities of the Society and its Chapters
  • Maintains an informative website including resources and career development opportunities relevant for environmental epidemiologists and the public
  • Sponsors the publication of thoughtful commentaries related to environmental epidemiology in Epidemiology and Environmental Epidemiology. ISEE members interested in submitting a commentary for publication are encouraged to read the recently updated ISEE Commentaries – Process.

Diana Pacyga (North America, 2022  present) Co-Chair
Mary Willis (North America, 2020 present) Co-Chair

Committee Members:
Ana Maria Mora (Latin America and Caribbean, 2018 – present)
Benedicte Jacquemin (Europe, 2021 – present)
Bert Brunekreef (Europe, 2022– present)
Elaine Fuertes (Europe, 2021 – present)
Elizabeth Holzhausen (North America, 2022 – present)
Jaime Hart (North America, 2018 – present)
Joel Kaufman (North America, 2019 – present)
Kenza Khomsi (Eastern Mediterranean, 2021 – present)
Laura Corlin (North America, 2020 – present)
Lydia Panshak (Africa, 2023 – present)
Marine Savoure (Europe, 2023 – present)
Marcia Pescador Jimenez (Latin America and Cribbean, 2024– present)
Nathaniel Wambebe (Africa, 2023 – present)
Nicole DeVille (North America, 2022– present)
Nur Sabrina Idrose (Asia & Western Pacific, 2023– present)
Patrick Kinney (North America, 2020 – present)
Pi-I Debby Lin (North America, 2018 – present)
Tanya L. Alderete (North America, 2019– present)
Xu Gao (Asia & Western Pacific, 2023 – present)

Terms of Reference (pdf) Council Approved 10/2020