ISEE Africa Chapter

The ISEE Africa Chapter was established by the ISEE Council in September 2016. Its mission is to promote contact between and action by Africa members on matters related to environmental health, to strengthen epidemiological research and capacity development in environmental health and to improve public health outcomes in Africa.

To support the Mission, the main aims of the Africa Chapter are: 
  • to identify major environmental health problems in the region; 
  • to promote epidemiological research in environmental epidemiology in the region; 
  • to promote research collaboration, academic exchange and capacity development including training in environmental epidemiology in the region;
  • to interact with local, federal, regional, and international organizations; and
  • to translate research findings into timely and effective policy frameworks.

The accomplishment of these aims should lead to an increased number of publications, fundraising, research collaboration, academic exchanges, knowledge translation, strategic alliances with national and international agencies, and assistance in prevention and control programs related to environmental health problems, led by members of ISEE Africa Chapter.

The Africa Chapter includes all 47 countries that correspond to the WHO African Region. Members of the ISEE Africa Chapter will be classified in the following categories:
  1. Regular members: ISEE members who are nationals of Africa or residing in Africa, as defined above, are automatically members of the Chapter, unless they opt out.
  2. Associate members: All ISEE members who were not nationals from and who do not reside in Africa but conduct environmental epidemiology research in Africa are eligible to join the Africa Chapter subject to completing a membership application process.
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Please take a moment to view several ISEE Africa Chapter Webinars by clicking here.

For further information about the Africa Chapter, please contact:
Kwaku Poku Asante, BSc. MBChB, MPH, PhD, Chair
Oyewale Morakinyo, BSc., MPH, PhD, Deputy Chair

Executive Council of the Africa Chapter
Kwaku Poku Asante, Ghana (Chair)
Oyewale Morakinyo, Nigeria (Deputy Chair)
Sylvia Akpene Takyi, Ghana (Secretary/Treasurer)
Wondwossen Birke, Ethiopia (Councilor)
Aqiel Dalvie, South Africa (Councilor)
Paul Musa Obadia, Democratic Republic of Congo (Councilor)
Firdu Zawide, Ethiopia (Ex-Officio member)
Eric Coker, USA/conducting research in Uganda (Ex-Officio member) 

Past ISEE Africa Chapter Executive Council Members
Dr. Adetoun Mustapha, July 2018 – July 2021, Nigeria: Chair (Inaugural)
Associate Prof. Brama Kone, July 2018 – July 2021, Cote d’Ivoire: Deputy Chair
Dr. Sokhna Thiam, July 2018 – July 2021, Senegal: Secretary
Dr. Kouadio Kouame, July 2018 – July 2021, Cote d’Ivoire: Asst Secretary/Treasurer 
Prof. Aqiel Dalvie, July 2018 – July 2021, South Africa: Councilor
Dr. Kouassi Richard M’bra, July 2018 – November 2019, Cote d’Ivoire: Councilor
Dr. Peninah Murage, August 2020 – April 2021, United Kingdom/Kenya: Councilor
Prof. Gueladio Cisse, July 2018 – July 2021, Mauritania: Ex-officio


Africa Chapter ByLaws (pdf)
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