ISEE Asia and Western Pacific Chapter

The Asia and Western Pacific Chapter (formerly the Asia Chapter) was formed in 2005. The Chapter promotes communication among Asian and Western Pacific ISEE members, organizes activities focused on local interests, and facilitates capacity building for environmental epidemiology in Asian and Western Pacific countries, including the following areas:
  • Identifying common environmental health problems
  • Developing research methodology for exposure assessment, outcome evaluation, and risk characterization
  • Establishing mechanisms for cross-cultural comparisons of environmental risk factors for health problems.
  • Promoting research and education in environmental and occupational health

Visit the chapter website:
For further information about the Asia and Western Pacific Chapter, please contact:
Julie Shu-Li Wang, Chair

Asia and Western Pacific Chapter Executive Council
Julie Shu-Li Wang, Chair
Atsuko Araki, Secretary/Treasurer

Hae-Kwan Cheong
Xiaoqi Feng
Reiko Kishi
Chung-Yi Li
Wei Jie Seow
Shaowei Wu
Chun-Yuh Yang
Bing-Fang Hwang
Kritika Poudel

Asia & Western Pacific Chapter Bylaws (pdf)