ISEE Europe Chapter

The ISEE Europe Chapter was established by the ISEE Council in March 2012. Its mission is to promote contact between and action by European members of ISEE on matters related to environmental health research, education in environmental epidemiology, and the improvement of public health in Europe.

To support the mission, the aims of the Europe Chapter include promoting: 
  • scientific research on environmental health; 
  • the mobility of researchers and the funding of education and training in environmental health and environmental epidemiology in Europe; 
  • the translation of research findings into timely and effective policy. Emphasis will be on policy at the European Union or wider European level as defined herein but may also include national issues.

The Europe Chapter includes all 53 European countries currently corresponding to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) European region together with Israel (see Annex of the Bylaws). All current members of ISEE based in one of those countries are automatically members of the ISEE Europe Chapter unless they opt out.

For more information, please visit our website or contact:
Hanna Boogaard, Co-Chair
Petter Ljungman, Co-Chair

Executive Council of the Europe Chapter

Hanna Boogaard 
Elaine Fuertes
Bénédicte Jaquemin
Petter Ljungman
Tamara Schikowski
Kurt Straif
Ana M. Vicedo-Cabrera

Associated Members of the Europe Chapter

Artur Badyda
Payam Dadvand
Philippa Douglas
Ulrike Gehring
Barbara Hoffmann
Meltem Kutlar Joss
Aina Roca-Barceló
Massimo Stafoggia
Mireille Toledano
Danielle Vienneau

Europe Chapter Bylaws (Word Doc)