New ERS and ISEE partnership aims to ‘foster collaboration’ on respiratory and environmental health

The European Respiratory Society (ERS) and the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology (ISEE) have launched a new partnership which aims to encourage collaboration between members of each organisation related to respiratory and environmental health research along with education and advocacy.
The partnership will provide discounted membership for joint members of ERS and ISEE, engaging them in research and advocacy topics which are central to improving respiratory and environmental health and facilitating their mutual participation in educational activities. Core topics for both societies are tobacco control, climate, and environment effects in respiratory health.
Judith Garcia-Aymerich, ERS Secretary General, said: “This new partnership underpins a growing relationship that puts in focus environmental epidemiology in helping to advocate for lung health worldwide. We look forward to fostering collaboration in research and advocacy activities with our joint members to continue pushing for improved healthcare policy, for the benefit of lung health in Europe and worldwide.”

Nelson Gouveia, MD, MSc, PhD and President of ISEE, said: “We at ISEE are very excited about this new partnership with ERS and hope to strengthen our collaboration ties for the future.”
Existing members of each society can now become dual members of ERS and ISEE for a discounted fee. To join, please refer to each society to register for dual membership during the sign-up process.
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