Policy Committee


This committee:

  • Works to provide policy makers and the public with expert opinion on scientific questions related to environmental health policy and the professional practice of environmental epidemiology;
  • Evaluates policy proposals initiated by ISEE members and provides advice regarding course of action;
  • Drafts policy statements and make recommendations regarding policy to the Executive Council. ISEE chapters, other committees, and individual ISEE members; and
  • Initiates consideration of policies to be addressed.

The highest priority will be addressing policy issues of international relevance; however, issues of concern to single regions or nations may be addressed as long as the Society maintains reasonable geographical balance in addressing policy issues. Only the elected ISEE Executive Council will make formal policy statements on behalf of the Society.
If you would like to make any suggestions to the ISEE Policy Committee on topics you feel the policy committee should tackle, complete this form. (form is coming)
Audrey de Nazelle (Europe, 2019 – present)
Mildred Maisonet (North America 2023 – present)

Committee Members:

Adetoun Mustapha (Africa)
Agnes Soares (North America)
Aina Roca Barcelo (Europe)
Barbara Hoffman (North America)
Charlie Roscoe (Europe)
Ebba Malmqvist (Europe)
Francine Laden (North America)
George Thurston (North America)
Gudrun Weinmayr (Europe)
Hanna Boogaard (Europe)
Keren Agay-Shay (Europe)
Maria Elisa Quinteros Caceres (Latin America Chapter, Council Liaison 2023 - present)
Mary Rice (North America)
Maya Negev (Europe)
Shaowei Wu (Asia and Western Pacific)
Tony Fletcher (Europe)
Wael Al-Delaimy (Eastern Mediterranean)
Yanelli Nunez (North America)
Zorana Andersen (Europe)

Current Liasions:
Amira Aker (SNRN)
Maria Elisa Quinteros (ExecutiveCouncil)

Past Members:

Jonathan Chevrier
Aaron Cohen
Nelson Gouveia
Xinbiao Guo
Yasushi Honda
Benedicte Jacquemin
Manolis Kogevinas
Adetoun Mustapha             
Takashi Yorifuji                 

Michal Krzyzanowski
Erik Lebret
Sylvia Medina
Raymond Neutra
Annette Peters
Joel Schwartz
Carlos Santos Burgoa
How-Ran Guo