Rebecca James Baker Award

This award was created in memory of Dr. Rebecca Baker, a young investigator with a commitment to environmental epidemiology as a tool for improving public health and quality of life. She worked on many international studies with people from different cultures and backgrounds, and was an active member in the Society. The award is given to new investigators who embody her approach to epidemiological research. 

The award will be given to candidates that possess the same qualities and caliber as Dr. Baker: 

  • the nominee is working in a challenging area of research, requiring skills such as obtaining and processing new or hard to access data, or working internationally or with populations and/or collaborators of different cultures or socio-economic circumstances
  • the abstract is of high scientific quality
  • the nominee has demonstrated personal integrity, compassion, patience and resourcefulness during the design and implementation of the research
  • the nominee has demonstrated through their work an appreciation of and commitment to research as a tool to foster international understanding and public health improvement

Eligible awardees are scientists within three years of having completed a post-baccalaureate degree, current members of ISEE, and first authors on a submitted abstract for the ISEE annual conference. Recipients will receive a certificate and ribbon as well as financial support to partially defray the costs of travel to the meeting. The Award will be presented at the annual conference.
How to apply to the Rebecca James Baker Award 

Any new investigator who meets the eligibility criteria can self-nominate. The applicant should send their submitted abstract, statement of challenges, brief biography and photo. Letters of recommendation should be sent directly to the secretariat by the letter writers. A committee of four to seven will evaluate the applications and choose the winner. Submit all required materials through the online Rebecca James Baker Award Application.

The application should include:

  1. An abstract submitted for presentation at the annual ISEE conference
  2. A personal statement of 300 words or fewer describing the specific challenges faced by the applicant in conducting the research and how they were overcome.
  3. A CV, with a special section that highlights service to ISEE.
  4. Two nomination letters written by the applicant's advisor and/or research collaborators that specifically comment on how the applicant meets the criteria for the award.
  5. A brief biography and portrait photo (photo of only the award recipient will be published with their bio in the journal and on the ISEE website).

The deadline for submitting 2024 award nominations is March 15, 2024.

2023 Award Winner
Barrak Alahmad, PhD

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Past Award Winners
Yanelli Nunez
2021Gauri Desai
2020Kaitlin Kelly-Reif
2019Kyi Mar Wai
2018Haneen Khreis
2017Angel Dzhambov
2016Ana Maria Mora
2015Saira Tasmin
2014Balsam Ahmad
2013Marie Pedersen
2012Payam Dadvand
2011Marisol Castillo Castrejon
2010Adetoun Mustapha
2009I. Jen Wang
2008Maggie Clark
2007Norma Elena Perez-Herrera
2006Molly Kile
2005John Patrick McCracken