Tony McMichael Mid-Term Career Award

This award was created in Dr Tony McMichael’s memory to recognize mid-career scientists. Tony was a world renowned epidemiologist known not only for his scientific work, but also for has compassionate mentoring of junior colleagues. He was President of ISEE from 2008-2009.

The award will be given to candidates that possess the same qualities as Dr. McMichael: 

  • Excelled in promoting novel areas of research and context
  • Initiated novel studies, or developed novel methodology for environmental epidemiology
  • Demonstrated capabilities for tutoring and mentoring graduate and postgraduate students
  • Contributed to teaching environmental epidemiology
  • Demonstrated practice of environmental epidemiology
  • Contributed to guidelines, public debates or dissemination of scientific results in environmental epidemiology
  • Belong to the International Society of Environmental Epidemiology and contributed meaningfully to the Society.

Eligible awardees are scientists with more than 5 years past their doctoral degree, ideally holding an independent academic, research or professional position and are at an academic rank below full professor or the equivalent. The recipient of this award will receive subsidized registration, airfare, and hotel costs for the annual conference using a fund established in Tony McMichael’s name. The award is presented at the Annual Conference.

How to Apply to the Tony McMichael Mid-Career Award 
Any member of the ISEE (except Awards Committee members) may make nominations.

A single nomination document in PDF should be prepared containing the following:

  1. A cover letter from the primary nominator up to two pages in length, that describes the major contributions of the nominee to the science of environmental epidemiology and her/his impact on the field and on public health policy.
  2. A brief curriculum vitae or biographical sketch of the nominee, including a publication list, (up to three pages).
  3. Two reference letters, up to two pages in length, supporting the nomination from others familiar with the contributions of the nominee. These support letters should describe in specific terms how the nominee meets the award criteria.
  4. A one page description of their practice of environmental epidemiology.
  5. A portrait photo (photo of only the award receipient will be published with their bio in the journal and on the ISEE web site).
  6. Send nomination to: and include in the Subject line: "Tony McMichael Award Nomination."

The deadline for submitting 2022 award nominations is March 25, 2022.

2021 Award Winner
Jaime Hart, ScD

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Past Award Winners

2020Yuming Guo
2019Greg Wellenius
2018Remy Slama
2017Veronica M. Vieira
2016Mireille Toledano and
Marc Weisskopf (tied)