Students and New Researchers Network (SNRN)

The Student and New Researchers Network (SNRN) is open to all students, postdoctoral trainees, and new researchers (who have fewer than 5 years of experience from their terminal degree) in the field of environmental epidemiology or other related disciplines. SNRN members come from all over the world. The SNRN aims to create a global network of students and new researchers that:
  • Encourages researchers at the early stages of their careers by sharing ideas, issues, and opportunities in the field of environmental epidemiology
  • Sponsors and organizes workshops for career development activities at the annual meeting and throughout the year
  • Organizes events at the annual meeting that brings students and new researchers together and helps them network with more senior members  
  • Distributes information to the SNRN through social media (e-Newsletter, website, Twitter)

Questions or to get involved:  Contact the SNRN Steering Committee.

Mary Willis, Postdoctoral Scholar (North America, 2020 - present)

Committee Members:
Agatha Henry-Ajala (Africa, 2020 – present)
Aina Roca Barcelo (Europe, 2020 – present)
Amira Aker (Eastern Mediterranean, 2021 – present)
Andy Tsung-Lin Tsai (Asia and Western Pacific, 2021 – present)
Kate Burrows (North America, 2020 – present)
Max Aung (North America, 2020 – present)
Musa Kana (Africa, 2020 – present)
Temitope Adebayo (Africa, 2020 – present)
Yanelli Nunez (Latin America and the Caribbean, 2020 – present)

View the SNRN Policy Guidelines (pdf download)