Awards Committee

This committee:  
  • Annually reviews the Awards Committee Guidance Document (approved by ISEE Executive Council).
  • Presents updates to the Awards Committee Guidance Document to Executive Council for approval as needed.
  • Ensure nominations meet all criteria, makes recommendations for awards according to the Awards Committee Guidance Document procedures and coordinates the awards process.

Mark Nieuwenhuijsen (Europe, 2021 – present)

Rebecca James Baker Award subcommittee:

Irva Hertz-Picciotto (North America)
Marie O’Neill (North America)

Jeff Baker
Florence Bodeau-Livinec (Europe)
Adetoun Mustapha (Africa)
Karin Yeatts (North America)
Tony McMichael Award subcommittee:

Dean Baker (North America, 2021 - present)

Nelson Gouveia (Latin America & the Caribbean, 2020 - present)
Michele Bell (North America, 2021 - present)
Tracey Woodruff (North America, 2021 - present)
Michal Kyzyzanowski (Europe, 2021 - present)
Mireille Toledano (Europe, 2021 - present)
Zorana Jovanovic Andersen (Europe, 2021 - present)
Brama Kone (Africa, 2021 - present)
Yasushi Honda (Asia & Western Pacific, 2021 - present)
Myriam Mrad (Eastern Mediterranean, 2021 - present)
John Goldsmith subcommittee:

Joel Kaufman (North America, 2018 – present)

Beate Ritz (North America)
Sylvaine Cordier (Europe, 2018 – present)
Nelson Gouveia (Latin America & the Caribbean, 2020 – present)
Bert Brunekreef (Europe, 2018 - present)
Bin Jalaludin (Asia & Western Pacific, 2018 - present)
Wael Al-Delaimy (Eastern Mediterranean, 2018 - present)
Aqiel Dalvie (Africa, 2018 - present)
Research Integrity Award subcommittee:

Francine Laden (North America, 2020 - present)

Klea Katsouyanni (Europe, 2020 - present)
Michal Krzyzanowski (Europe, 2020 - present)
Adetoun Mustapha (Africa, 2020 - present)
Raymond Neutra (North America, 2020 - present)
Audrey de Nazelle (Europe, 2021 - present)
Alistair Woodward (Asia & Western Pacific, 2020 - present)
Best Environmental Epidemiology Paper (BEEP) Award subcommittee:

Mireille Toledano (Europe)

Artur Badyda (Europe, 2021)
Petter Ljungman (Europe, 2021)
Ana Navas-Acien (North America, 2021)
AA Aliyu (Africa, 2021)
Amira Acker (SNRN, Eastern Mediterranean, 2021)